Friday, 1 April 2011

Miyavi in the Low Countries

My favorite guitarist, the Japanese sensation, Miyavi is busy with his world tour. He performed on a radio program yesterday -- here's a little outtake below:

While on tour, Miyavi is promoting a "Pray for Japan" campaign that's gathering donations  through the Japanese Red Cross Society for victims of the recent natural disasters that struck Japan.

After his show in Brussels he'll be heading towards Germany, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Finland and in May he'll be back in Tokyo. Unfortunately, again, there is no Korea stop. )-;

His English has improved quite a bit since the last interview I saw him in. I'm also following his tweets on Twitter, and although he uses lots of slang and abbreviations, I'm also noting an improvement in his English. I'm guessing that he must have a personal English tutor traveling with him. Now that's I job I would have liked -- getting to travel the world with one of the greatest guitarists alive!

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