Thursday, 28 April 2011

Chopin's Funeral March and the Numinous in Romantic Poetry

I've been asked to give a talk at a church on Romantic Poetry; i.e. the poetry of the Romantic period. The body of my talk will consist of three parts; for each I plan to have a short musical interlude. The last part of my talk will concern the Numinous, for which I want a section from Chopin's Funeral March to be played.

At present I'm still looking for someone who can play my three interludes -- each short pieces by Chopin. The talk is on May 14th, so I still have a few weeks to find someone. If I can't find anybody, I'll just have to play recordings of the music, but that will definitely be less than ideal.


Christine said...

Good idea. I do hope you find a piano player. I heard Anne Sexton did her poetry readings with music. Will you tape your lecture?

Skryfblok said...

I don't think I will record it, but I will have it typed out in full and can put it up somewhere or email it to whomever is interested.