Sunday, 6 March 2011

Nude Image on Seoul National University Website

A friend from South Africa just now stumbled upon a nude picture on the Chemical and Biological Engineering website of Seoul National University, and sent me the link by Skype. I went and look, clicked on the post and up popped a giant photo of a girl -- whom, according to the headline is a "만난 녀입니다"; i.e. a "complete whore", if my Korean translation is not too off the mark.

Smaller and censored
My friend, of course, was completely confused about what type of chemical and biological engineering is going on at Seoul National University. Having lived in Korea for some time now, I realised what this is merely another one of those infamous cyber bullying that occurs all the time in Korea; the type that leads to suicide. The post was probably posted by her ex-boyfriend or a jealous classmate. The post actually mentions something of her being a dancer (dance instructor?) and that has something to do with her figure. My Korean is not good enough to make out the details. The picture and write-up about this girl will probably be removed by tomorrow, but by then hundreds may have seen the photo and her name boldly displayed in the title of the post.

I wrote before about how "Korean Internet Users Kill Celebrities," but naturally the problem of cyber bullying is not reserved only to celebrities. Anyone can fall victim. A quick search for "cyberbullying in korea" will reveal many news reports like this one: "Cyber Bullies Reign in South Korea."

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