Friday, 4 March 2011

Home-Made Tahini

For dinner I had tahini on wavers with strawberries. I made the tahini myself, following the instructions by Dede's Mediterranean Kitchen -- see the YouTube video below.

I had tahini for the first time last month when I visited my friend Jaco in Polokwane. He came back from Israel recently and brought some tahini with him, which he gave me a taste of. I very much liked the taste and was adament that once I'm back at my place (i.e. back in Korea), I'm going to try and make it, since sesame seed (the main ingredient) is so easily accessible here. 

Seeing as I don't own a food processor I made it in my blender. It took much longer and didn't come out as runny as the tahini in the video, but is still pretty smooth. The Israeli tahini that I tasted was much sweeter. I'm not sure how they sweeten it. I decided to add a little honey to mine.

It's a pretty good spread (similar to peanut butter) which I put on water wafers and topped with fresh strawberries. A delicious, and surprisingly filling, snack!


Christine said...

It looks good. I have used tahini to make my own hummus. It would be nice to make my own.
I like to make the spinach and artichoke hummus when I'm not in Korea, as artichokes are hard to come by there.

Skryfblok said...

Hummus is something I need to try and make too. But I think I need a proper food processor first -- my blender is struggling a bit.