Sunday, 27 February 2011

Potchefstroom, a hop, a skip, Singapore

The last two weeks I've spent mostly in Potchefstroom. My visit to South Africa always include a relatively lengthy stay in Potchefstroom. I have a strong affinaty with Potch, where I've spent quite a number of years.

A priority for my Potch visit is always the Potchefstroom Taekwon-Do Club which I started in 1998. While not as strong as it used to be, it is still active.

Apart from martial arts, I also have a number of projects, with links in Potchefstroom -- the one being the 'Literary Terms & Theories' project that I initiated nearly three years ago. I am glad to say that it has gone live on the Internet, although we still have lots of editing and fine tuning to do before we can announce an official launch.

Then there are academic acquaintances, friends, and family in Potch whom I always look forward to see. Unfortunately there were a number of people I did not get to see, for instance Prof Annette Combrink or Aunty Marie. But such is life.

At this moment I'm sitting in Singapore waiting to board my connecting flight to Korea. I'm both excited to go back and apprehensive -- and such is life as well.
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Christine said...

I understand. I love living in Korea, yet I had did have second thoughts each time I went back and wondered if it was all worth it. I also did get bored after being home for a while and was happy to get out of the house again.
I did hear of a job in Korea, yet it's far from Seoul. I would prefer to be in Seoul because of the friends I made there. Maybe a change will do me good though.

Skryfblok said...

Yes it is a difficult decision. Living outside of Seoul is more likely to give you more opportunities for nature exploration -- the pay also tends to be better and often are the people outside of the major cities much friendlier. On the flip side, Seoul has lots of perks like all the great galleries and other interesting stuff happening all the time.