Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Limpopo Friends

The last number of days I spent in the Limpopo province, particularly in Tzaneen and Polokwane (Pietersburg).

I spent Sabbath with Lester and Hannelize in Tzaneen. One thing I'm really pleased about was that I was at last able to give them their wedding photos. Their wedding was nearly three years ago and I took most of the wedding photos, but left for Korea soon afterwards. Although I did give them their photos in digital format, I was never able to give them the developed / printed photos. During this last visit I was able to do so at long last. I had a couple of enlargements made, including one A3 photo of the couple standing in a garden.

Sunday I went to Polokwane to spend time with Jaco, his wife and son. As I mentioned of my visit with Jaco last year, Jaco is the friend I have known the longest. We started elementary school together and continued through high school and university.

Also in Polokwane I got to meet with another friend whom I haven't seen in ages. I'll just refer to him as F, as I am not sure how comfortable he is with me mentioning his name on a public platform like this. It was wonderful to see him again. We met at university; if I remember correctly, we met during a Creative Writing class. Although he is a frequent reader of this blog and therefore is quite up to date with what's happening in my life, I'm not in the loop with the occurances of his life. It was therefore great to spend some time with him, even though it was just for a short time.

Monday and Tuesday I spent with my adopted mom and brother Michael. The last time I saw Tannie Jenny she was battling cancer. At the end of my previous visit we practically said our last goodbyes as we did not know if she'd survive the year. Thankfully her treatment was successful. What a wonderful relief it was to see her again, much healthier and very hopeful for the future. Michael and I also got to spend time together. We spent Monday night talking and watching food programs such as Master Chef, Nightmare Kitchen, and Jamie Oliver's Road Trip USA.

Currently I'm in Bela Bela where I'll teach a Taekwon-Do class tonight.
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