Thursday, 20 January 2011

More Details on the Accident

So people have been asking me what happened. The accident was actually quite simple. We were turning into a side road when a small truck (bakkie) hit us from the back. The bakkie was going much too fast and as we slowed down to turn he couldn't reduce his speed in time and struck us on the right rear.

Our car slid and spun once or twice. Thankfully it did not flip for looking at the the damage caused by the impacts, had the car flipped over surely one of us would have been dead.

In my previous post I mentioned how my back had started aching while waiting for my brother in hospital. It became much more acute as the hours passed and when my other brother arrived at the hospital he told me to also get X-rayed. By that time I was much less 'heroic' and agreed that it's a good idea to get checked over as well. The X-rays luckily showed now fractures; nonetheless, I possibly did hurt some muscles as I've been experiencing discomfort since yesterday and through the night. The pain has not improved much, although I was given some medicine by the doctor.

As for the rest of the other people in the accident. My younger brother looked rather bloodied. He had some cuts over his face and head, but luckily nothing serious. He also hurt his arm a bit, but also no serious injury. He does seem to have suffered a concussion though. While the X-rays do not show any fractures, we suspect that he did bruise his sternum as it is quite tender.

My brother's partner hit her head against her side window, shuttering it. The side of her head, including her ear and one eye is bruised. She refused to be admitted to hospital and checked over. I'm assuming that she also has a concussion.

Her daughter probably suffered the most emotional shock, but seems to be fine otherwise. She had to wear a neck brace for two days, but this morning took it off and refused to put it back on saying that her neck is not sore. (I suspect that as a teenage girl she is too embarressed to walk around with it on.)

The problem at the moment is that my brother does not have a roadworthy automobile at present.

Her daughter
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Christine said...

I am glad nobody is seriously injured. I just hope you all feel better soon.