Monday, 3 January 2011

I Miss Hong Kong

I've been to Hong Kong only once, and only for a small number of days. Three? Four? Five? I cannot remember. Recently, I've been overcome with a sudden feeling of longing for Hong Kong. I'm not sure what brought it on – probably the time of the year. Around this time last year I was in Hong Kong. It was my hope to go travel somewhere again, but because of a friend's wedding this coming weekend and an otherwise tighter budget, I decided not to go anywhere, apart, of course, from my annual South Africa visit coming up. Still, I really miss Hong Kong. I would never have thought that I'd miss a place that I've been to for only a couple of days. Then again, why not? If I can love people within hours upon meeting them, growing affectionate towards a place within a couple of days is not that far fetched.

So what is it about Hong Kong that I like? Firstly, I would say, it is the rustic charm mixed with modern development. Hong Kong has a steam punk quality to it. Also, Hong Kong reminded me of parts of South Africa, particularly Durban, KwaZulu Natal. It is a multicultural blend of Oriental, Occidental and African; China, England and Nigeria. The weather as well, reminded me of KwaZulu Natal.

My previous visit to Hong Kong was far too short. I definitely need to return there soon, although I don't know when I will have the opportunity again. My probable schedule for this year is quite busy already. In the meantime I'm trying to quench my Hong Kong thirst with some Hong Kong films. Last night I watched Jackie Chan's New Police Story and tonight, Internal Affairs. I'm suspecting that it is just making my longing for Hong Kong greater.


okkun said...

I grew up with Hong Kong movie since 1990. My first impression about HK, very exotic, is still in my mind. For me Cantonese actress were the most beautiful creation of the world. That is why I like Hong Kong : )

Christine said...

I was once talking to a world traveller and he said Hong Kong was his favourite destination. I like cosmopolitan places like that. I haven't been to HK, but I would like to go someday, as well as Macau.
I feel the same about Singapore as you do HK. It has been 4 1/2 years since I went there. I loved Chinatown, Little India, the Botanical Gardens, and Sentosa Island with its pink dolphins.

That is one thing about travel, we just can't stop. When my family and I began travel in 1995 we were told that once we started we won't be able to stop. It's very true.

Skryfblok said...


Indeed, there are some beautiful Cantonese actresses. Then again, Korea has some good looking actresses too.


I've spoken to other globe trodders as well, who are also of the opinion that Hong Kong is their favourite city (destination).

I need to go to Singapore too. I've stopped over there numerous times, but never long enough to get to see the place.