Monday, 22 November 2010

Wait for the Next Version of the Galaxy Tab

In a previous post I mentioned how I'm drooling over Samsung's Galaxy Tab. Yesterday, however, I had the good fortune of meeting a software engineer with intimate knowledge of the Galaxy-products. Of course I immediately asked his opinion about the Galaxy Tab. Although he had favourable things to say about the hardware, he was quick to tell me not to go for this first version. There are still some software glitches, for instance with reading PDFs and the like. He said that hardware wise, the Galaxy Tab is pretty much the same as the iPad, using the same processor chip. He also mentioned that while the software is not yet up to standard, that the Android platform is progressing at such a pace that future versions of this platform is going to become the standard for tabs, smart phones and the like.

The video-series below compares the iPhone 4 to the Galaxy S.

The Galaxy S (smart phone) is quite comparable to the iPhone. I've had the Galaxy S in hand a couple of times; it seems to function quite smoothly and all the owners I've spoken to seems to be pleased with it. I also think that it being a Korean product it is more suited to my needs in Korea.

I guess, I'll wait a while before investing in a tablet. In the meantime, I'll see if I can upgrade my phone contract to a Galaxy S.

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