Monday, 1 November 2010

Back to the Future Trilogy

Saturday night I went to a midnight screening of the the three Back to the Future movies starring Michael J. Fox. Do you remember them? If not, I'm assuming that you are were born in the late 80s or 90s. I think that my younger brother who was born in the late 80s probably missed out on them--quite unfortunate.

Watching these three Steven Spielberg movies back to back on the big screen with a full theatre of other people that enjoy their quirky humour and fantastical (but wonderfully crafted) plots was one of the greatest fun I had in a long time. The audience would spontaneously applaud at key points in the storyline, laugh and cheer.

Part of the enjoyment was that I haven't seen these movies in probably 15 years, which means that I had forgot big chunks from each, so it was nearly as if watching them for the first time again, but at the same time getting a whiff of reminiscence. I highly recommend it.

The screening was part of an international sci-fi festival currently happening in Seoul. I went there with some members from my sci-fi writers crit group. The first movie started just after midnight and the last one finished around 7am Sunday morning. I left for the showing at 9pm the previous night and arrived back home at 9am the next morning and did not have an opportunity to sleep during Sunday. Although I got a good night's rest last night, I can feel my body not being to happy today. Maybe attempt a siesta after lunch. 

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